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Best eco friendly products

Best eco friendly products

Zero emissions, climate change, plastic in our oceans... rather depressing subjects that are forever in the news and seemingly never changing for the better. However, together if we make small changes in our everyday life we CAN make a difference. All whilst waiting for the top countries in the w...
Start an eco friendly life

10 Simple and Easy Ways to Start Going Green

In 2021, we can’t deny that climate change is becoming increasingly more of a threat to our planet. Many of us want to help minimize this problem but aren’t really sure where to start or how to make the necessary lifestyle shifts.  In honour of Plastic Free July, we are sharing 10 simple and eas...
About Zero Waste Living

5 Questions You Probably Have About Zero Waste Living

It’s pretty clear that we humans have created a global waste problem. We are producing around 2 billion tonnes of waste globally per year. Yeah, you heard that right.  In an attempt to keep our oceans clean and cut down on waste in landfills, some people are intentionally moving towards a zero-w...
Habits Which Kill the Environment

5 Bad Habits Most of Us Have Which Kill the Environment

Many of us have the best of intentions when it comes to protecting the environment. But humans are creatures of habit; sometimes we don’t even realise that the actions we’re taking are harmful, and even if we do, habits are pretty hard to break! Here are a few common habits that have a negative ...
What Is Earth Day

Earth Day

What is Earth Day?   Earth Day is an annual event that aims to raise global awareness about environmental issues like climate change, air pollution, and deforestation - and ultimately to inspire action all over the world!  This year, the event’s theme is ‘Restore Our Earth’, with a focus on not...