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Explore our range of eco-friendly products that make your life easier whilst looking after the planet. We have a waste free alternative for everything. Shop Kitchen, Bathroom, On-the-go, Garden or Gifts.

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  1. Eco Friendly Metal Water Bottles
  2. Silicone Lids, the cling film alternative
  3. Bamboo Tooth Brush
  4. Coconut Bowl
  5. Reusable Bamboo Cotton Pads
  6. Bamboo cutlery set
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  7. Non Stick Silicone Baking Mat
  8. Metal Clothes Pegs
  9. Zero Waste Bamboo Cotton Buds
  10. Wooden Washing Up Brush
  11. Compostible sponge
  12. Womens Bamboo Hairbrush
  13. Silicone food bag 1000ml
  14. Oven Mitts
  15. Bamboo Wooden Soap Dish Set
  16. Large Cotton Tote Bag For Life
  17. Silicone Food Bag 1500ml
  18. Glass Overnight Oats Jar
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  19. Coffee Scoop
  20. Eco Friendly Mesh Bag
  21. String Shopping Bag
  22. Glass Food Jars
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  23. Castile soap
  24. Spearmint & Seaweed Soap