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Getting Kids Into Sustainability

How To Get Kids Into Sustainability

Living an eco-friendly life is a hot topic in today’s society. It’s crucial that we all look after our planet for our children to enjoy well into the future - but how do we make sure that our kids know how to care for our earth too? As with most things - it all starts at home! So here are a few...
Coffee Ground Hacks

Coffee Grounds: Are You Throwing Liquid Gold in the Bin?

In today’s world, it’s important to take pleasure in the simple things. Like a cup of hot, fresh coffee in the morning! Forget instant granules, any true coffee lover prefers the real deal: freshly ground and roasted coffee, filtered through paper to make the perfect cup of Joe - even at home! B...
Cling film alternative

Is cling film that bad for the environment after all?

  Cling film, or Saran wrap, has been around for a while. Since 1933 in fact! A certain Ralph Wiley, a lab worker, discovered a film that had developed inside one particular test tube that would not wipe off. Though it wasn’t yet recognisable as the cling film we know of today. The first use cas...
Best Sustainable Minded Foodie Influencers

9 of the Best Sustainability Minded Foodie Accounts of Instagram

Food. It’s the best. What’s almost as good as food? Cooking it! One of the best places to find inspiration for new recipes comes from Instagram. It delivers a treasure trove of foodie food porn, created by passionate foodies and a trend that Green Island especially loves is that towards a more su...
Sustainable Ways to Wrap Gifts

6 Sustainable Ways to Wrap Gifts

It’s a gift-giving season! You’ve found the perfect gifts for your loved ones and now you’re thinking about wrapping them. Or you’re one of those people who asks their sister to do all the work for you! Either way before you purchase the traditional wrapping paper, just think that every Christmas...
7 ideas to feel even better about your Christmas shopping

7 ideas to feel even better about your Christmas shopping

Christmas is a time for giving and giving feels great! However, We know that you’re very likely to be an eco champion like the Green Island team and so care deeply about the impact you have on the world. That’s why you probably ended up discovering Green Island in the first place, right!?