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Zero Waste Kitchen Makeover

Zero Waste Kitchen Makeover

It can be quite overwhelming when you start your zero waste journey. Opening the kitchen cupboards and finding a sea of plastic packaging and containers. Here are a few tips to help you get organised and pretty up your pantry. 

Open all of your cupboards and fridge and pull out all of the contents. Assign tasks for everyone. Kids can be in charge of any non dangerous items such as fruits and vegetables if they want to help.

Sort through each category by putting dried food etc in jars or other reusable containers. Produce bags like our organic cotton mesh bags work great for fruit, vegetables or even bread! 

Print or handwrite labels or even make little signs just like in a real food market for each type of produce. Kids can decorate them and colour in. You can pick a different colour or font for each category, from grains and pulses to dry fruit, cereal, pasta and rice.

Save on waste and freeze any leftovers. Fruit and vegetables freeze really well and are great in smoothies. We use our silicone ziplock pouches for freezing food.

Arrange nicely in cupboards and fridge, by category.

Dispose of food waste in a compost bin. Composting reduces landfill waste and incineration and therefore emissions. The end result is a nutrient rich fertilizer for your garden. Win win!

Find your nearest bulk food store and bring your own containers with you to refill. This saves waste and can save you money. Avoid pre-packaged food as much as possible. Shop local if you can and support small businesses.


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