7 ideas to feel even better about your Christmas shopping

Christmas is a time for giving and giving feels great! However, we know that you’re very likely to be an eco champion like the Green Island team and so care deeply about the impact you have on the world. That’s why you probably ended up discovering Green Island in the first place, right!?

So let’s make your gifts even more special by taking action to make their impact great for the planet as well as your other half, nephew or even Barney (the name for our family dog of course)!

Here are 7 ideas to get you started! 

1) Carbon offset your gifts by planting trees. Without getting your hands dirty…

With One Tree Planted you can choose to plant 1, 12, 40 or 100 trees in a location of your choice from around the world. Read more here.

With any purchase you make through Green Island, one tree is planted!

2) Swap your amazons for your ethical retailers

Go beyond (sub)prime delivery and into ethically produced and delivered product alternatives. A great example being our friend Sophie over at Subluceo with her very special collection of ethically produced candles. Her Christmas range keeps selling out fast but there’s always a restock around the corner and still some to nab...

3) Compostable present postal alternatives...

Need to mail some gifts through the postbox? Swap their packaging for an entirely compostable alternative! An extra 30% more rubbish is produced over the festive season. Easy swaps like this make a meaningful impact! 

4) Rent a real Christmas tree!?

The sustainability gods have good news for us. Real christmas trees are way better than the fake ones! Plus, go one step further with this business that lets you rent a tree for the festive period. They will then come pick it up and replant it after! 

5) Carry your secret Christmas dinner ingredients in style

Swap your plastic bags or 'not so bags for life’ options for some organic cotton mesh produce bag alternatives! These are a simple swap that deliver a positive impact that grows with every use!

6) Trade your ‘store bought’, for DIY Christmas cards

One often missed opportunity for both a lot of fun and also a much happier recipient is homemade Christmas cards! 

Get extra mother nature brownie points by collecting bits and pieces to use over the year, even including the old cards from last year (If they survived that long?)!

Have fun! Get the kids involved.

7) Take some bigger actions and volunteer

We all know deep down that one of the best ways to feel good about Christmas and life in general is when we take action to help others. Christmas isn’t always such a positive time for everyone. However, you can do something to change that! Crisis is a wonderful charity in the UK that you can look to support either simply by donating or even choosing to volunteer in person. Learn how here


What are some of your favourite tips and tricks over Christmas to try to improve on your impact? Please do comment and let others know so we can all improve.


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