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Bamboo Cutlery Set

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Ditch the metal and plastic for our natural bamboo cutlery set. Perfect for the kitchen, garden or on the go picnic.

It’s clunky and heavy, not to mention a tad dangerous and just not cool. So we decided to create our very own cutlery set made from beautiful lightweight Moso Bamboo. And the best bit, Moso is panda friendly because this particular bamboo species is not recognised as food by the pandas.

All bamboo is 100% compostable so you can just place it in the compost bin at the end of it’s life. 

 What's included:

- 1 x bamboo knife
- 1 x bamboo fork
- 1 x bamboo spoon
- 1 x pair of bamboo chopsticks

- 1 x bamboo straw
- 1 x straw cleaner
- 1 x organic cotton pouch

Please note - At the moment the pouches are a gorgeous cream colour to match our large shopping bag, not white 

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