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What Is Earth Day

Earth Day

What is Earth Day?


Earth Day is an annual event that aims to raise global awareness about environmental issues like climate change, air pollution, and deforestation - and ultimately to inspire action all over the world! 

This year, the event’s theme is ‘Restore Our Earth’, with a focus on not only reducing our impact on the planet, but on actively working to rebuild and repair ecosystems. The organisers have called for three days of climate action, running from the 20th to the 22nd of April. During these days, environmental issues will take centre stage!



As well as learning about various environmental issues, Earth Day is also a time to spread awareness about all of the fantastic work being done all over the world to Restore Our Earth, so we thought we’d bring a few ‘good news’ stories to you to celebrate!

Kids For Tigers


Through writing poetry, selling merchandise, and singing on the streets of Mumbai, young activist Madhav Subramanian has raised a substantial amount of money for tiger conservation. 

Along with some friends, he helped to set up ‘Kids For Tigers’, an educational outreach project that now works in hundreds of rural schools in India, helping to encourage children to safeguard the future of this beautiful animal.

The Oceans’ Action Man


When he was 11 and living in a small Canadian fishing village, Paul Watson learned that local trappers were catching beavers. Enraged, he walked the trap lines, destroying traps and freeing beavers - since then, he has dedicated his life to environmental activism. 


As one of the co-founders of Greenpeace, Paul has garnered a reputation as a man of direct action. Indeed, he is a thorn in the side of many governments, who often denounce Paul as an eco-terrorist (although he is careful to stay within the laws of the seas, and has never been prosecuted!) 

Today, his two boats continue to patrol the world’s oceans, confronting whalers, seal hunters, and illegal fishermen alike. Paul is also the founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Read more about one incident that helped inspire Paul’s activism here.


The BBC ‘Bag Lady’

Rebecca Hosking might not be a name that you know, but you will most certainly have felt her impact. 

While working for the BBC as a camerawoman in Hawaii, Rebecca witnessed first-hand the devastating impact of plastic pollution on the region’s wildlife. When she returned home to Modbury, a small town in Devon, she was inspired to act to try to ban plastic bags.

In 2007 she succeeded, and Modbury became Europe’s first plastic-free town!

More recently, Rebecca has focused on exploring the concept of Agriwilding, and today offers advice and consultancy on regenerative farming. Which we think fits perfectly with this year’s Earth Day theme: Restore Our Earth!


On the 22nd April, let’s take time to think about the fantastic work being done by those that we have mentioned, and by so many more who are tackling environmental issues in a hands-on way.

If they’ve inspired you to get involved, then stay tuned on the Earth Day Live website for details about various workshops, livestreams, and even COVID-safe in-person events that might be taking place near you!

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