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Best Sustainable Minded Foodie Influencers

9 of the Best Sustainability Minded Foodie Accounts of Instagram

Food. It’s the best. What’s almost as good as food? Cooking it! One of the best places to find inspiration for new recipes comes from Instagram. It delivers a treasure trove of foodie food porn, created by passionate foodies and a trend that Green Island especially loves is that towards a more sustainable approach to cooking too. 

We help you to be more environmentally friendly in the tools you use in the kitchen, though there’s a world of opportunity in the ingredients, recipes and methods for the big 3 R’s; reducing, reusing and recycling!

Find some of the very best sustainability minded foodie accounts of Instagram below.


Max is an author of an award winning cookbook focused on low waste, plus he’s a host on BBC Earth with Recipes to waste less food. From a no-bake pumpkin pie in a jar to homemade pizza - you’ll be drooling! 



Natalie is both a doctor with the NHS AND a sustainability and zero waste advocate. So top of the pile in our books! Very much worthwhile following her blog she links to in her bio in particular where she writes on topics such as zero waste, social justice and ethical fashion.



Anna Jones is a mother first, cook second and author third. At least based off her insta bio. For anyone looking for vegetarian recipes in particular, she’s your woman!



Rose comes in with the best username of the bunch ‘eco_granny’. She proves that anyone can choose to live a more sustainable lifestyle, and at any age. 



Madeleine brings wholesome plant based recipes and advice on how to live a life of minimalism. For anyone on Youtube she’s particularly active there.



Any mother looking to bring up their children in a healthy way can find great inspiration from Emma. She’s a Londoner who focuses on slow and sustainable living all together, with an emphasis on veg, veg and more veg.



Immy advocates for a low impact lifestyle: zero waste, plant-based, and ethical. She also makes bomb mince pies



Tom is a self proclaimed eco-chef. You can find him writing for the Guardian and posting mouth watering recipes like Chorizo Spiced Roasties from his book Eating for Pleasure.



Silo London is the only entry on this list that isn’t just one person. It is in fact, a restaurant. The world's first zero waste restaurant! Silo actually began around the world, in Australia in 2011 with artist Joost Bakker, who had the weirdly brilliant idea of ‘not having a bin’. Innovation isn’t always about Tesla trucks. Londoners can book yourself in for a table to experience the food first hand! 


We hope you found some inspiration or at least one new good follow on Insta from all of this! Share this with someone who maybe needs a little more inspo to be 'prodded' in the right direction. Who else did we miss off the list that you love?? 

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